APR Renewables’ Off-Site Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) is a long-term agreement for customers to purchase a capacity of green energy at a pre-determined price and duration from APR’s Green Energy System installed at a remote location within their desired electrical utility territory. 

Under an APR Renewables’ Off-Site Virtual Power Purchase Agreement:

    • An APR customer would receive significant savings and benefits by locking in a low cost of green energy and hedging against uncontrollable and rising costs of electricity from the grid.
    • An APR customer can choose to bundle renewable energy certificates or RECs along with the green energy purchase, to help quantify and reduce its scope 2 GHG emissions.
    • The long-term VPPA can be customized to last between 10-30 years, with monthly green energy purchases at a pre-determined price.


An APR Renewables’ energy storage system consists of batteries used to store green energy generated by a connected solar energy system. The stored green energy is provided to the customer’s facility as needed, when grid energy demand and costs are high, or when solar is not producing power such as during the night.

The electricity from the energy storage system can be used to reduce peak demand, providing savings on the high demand charges, and reducing dependency on the highly taxed grid infrastructure.  An APR Renewables’ energy storage system does not require a lot of space, has zero carbon emissions, and will be customized to meet a customer’s energy needs.


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